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.: Stability of the Insulin in Reservoirs
March 2006
Services de Santé Optimum-Plus ( SSOP )
Bianka Charbonneau, nurse consultant
Specialized in insulinotherapy by external pump in Quebec
Director of the help group G.E.P.P.I.Q.
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Dr. Jean-François Yale, Research Institute / diabetes clinic
McGill University Health Center, Royal-Victoria Hospital
687 Pine Avenue West, Montreal (Qc.), H3A 1A1

: New protocol at the Royal-Victoria Hospital: reservoir/insulin pump

The insulin treatment by external pump was born in 1974 (Minimed/Medtronic) but it is only in 2000 when this new technology started to take root in Quebec. Currently, it is relatively difficult to have precise clinical information on certain subjects given the innovation of this therapy on the Québécois territory.

In 2003, following many studies and phone calls made to five pharmaceutical companies, in February 2004, Lilly Canada agreed to share with us a research document explaining their clinical trial (in 1997) on the stability of insulin lispro in the insulin pumps 504 (Minimed) + H-Tron (Disétronic).

According to conclusion # 4, it is clearly explained: «We conclude that insulin lispro may be used with continuous insulin infusion devices for 48h without risking significant denaturation or preservative loss».

For this reason, the Royal-Victoria Hospital wanted to remain «conservative» by suggesting to their patients to change of insulin reservoir every 3 days.

On the other hand, recently, while discussing with a nurse and a dietitian working in another hospital specialized in insulin treatment by external pump in the Montreal area, their recommendation following their expertise in the field are as follows: a change of an insulin reservoir every 3 to 6 days, according to the stability of the glycemia of the patient.

Therefore, the Royal-Victoria Hospital is interested to know the practices of each member of the help group of insulin pump carriers of Quebec present at our 11th meeting, which will be help on March 22nd, 2006.

Nouvelles recommandations pour les patients utilisant notre programme de pompe à insuline à l’hôpital Royal-Victoria:
  1. During the first 4 weeks of treatment, change the insulin reservoir every 3 days.
  2. After the first 4 weeks of treatment, change the insulin reservoir every 4, 5, or 6 days and be attentive to the possible fluctuation of your glycemia.
  3. Discuss with the medical team of your observations concerning your personal experiment.
Research + plan of procedures by Bianka Charbonneau for Dr. Jean-François Yale

All rights reserved to SSOP and Royal-Victoria Hospital (9 MCD), March 2006
English translation by Ida Perciballi

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